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Starr was scheduled to die – he made it as far as the slaughterhouse facility in Iowa. Once there, Starr and several other members of his herd managed to escape in an attempt to save their own lives. Unfortunately, the other members of his herd were eventually caught and returned.  But not Starr – he evaded his captures. Fairly quickly, the farmer wrote off his loss and the search ended.

Living on his own in a wooded area, Starr eventually found his way to a very kind family’s fenced back yard. Quickly realizing that he must have been one of the escapees, they decided to give him food and water until they could get him safely transferred to a farm sanctuary. Their kindness kept him returning to their yard. They first reached out to Iowa Farm Sanctuary, who were unable to take him and reached out to Farmaste.  We are so pleased to be able to give this fighter a long, safe life.

Starr is estimated to be about one year old. While he is still nervous around strangers, he has come to trust his regular care givers and will ask for scratches. Starr has struggled a bit to find his herd.  He didn’t click with the goats as we had planned; rather, he decided that he was happiest with the cattle. However, as his BFF Moolan got older, she wanted to spend more time with her fellow cattle, leaving Starr along much of the time. He finally found his BFF with Ringo, who sadly passed away after their first year together. He now lives in the main barn with Luna, Levi, & Lola. He is a calming presence for the rambunctious kids!

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