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Stewie & Dewey

Welcome, Stewie & Dewey -  Farmaste’s first donkey residents! We learned through Farm Sanctuary's Adoption Network that these two young mini donkeys needed a forever home and were thrilled to work with them to bring these boys across the country and home to Farmaste. Dewey (grey donkey) was rescued from a kill pen a couple of years ago. When his companion passed away shortly after he arrived, Stewie (white donkey) was rescued from an overcrowded breeder to ensure Dewey had the companionship he needed.


They quickly made themselves at home at Farmaste! Dewey is very outgoing and curious. Stewie is more reserved with humans,  but is playful and loves running in his pasture. Both let out a little bray for treats. They are lovely little gentlemen!

Please consider sponsoring one of the residents to cover the costs of their ongoing care.  Thank you!

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