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Blue is a Katahdin sheep born in April, 2017. She had something wrong with her front leg, and, unfortunately, was not provided the proper vet care where she was being housed. Instead she was kept in a stall by herself, and not allowed to go out to eat grass.


Within 24 hours of Blue’s arrival at Farmaste she made her first journey to the University of Minnesota Large Animal Vet, and we were working to get some answers about her leg. They determined she was born with a congenital deformity in all three bones in her leg. The only option, to give her quality of life, was to amputate the leg. As soon as it was removed she started the healing process, and within days she was a completely different lamb. For the first time since she was born she could go outside to eat grass, and feel the warmth of the sun.

Levi, Lola, & Luna

Levi, Lola, and Luna came to Farmaste after a college student with a big heart got in over her head. She took in these spring lambs to save them from slaughter. Without a farm or property, she found a man with property who was willing to keep and care for them temporarily. With the help of her mom, she came to realize that she wouldn’t be able to give them the life they deserved, and they reached out to Farmaste for help. We see this often – people with tender hearts who take in farmed animals without a long-term care plan. Caring for these animals, especially as babies, requires specialized skills and knowledge. When the lambs came to us, they were severely underweight and carrying high parasite loads. We are happy to report that they are all now healthy and happy at Farmaste!

They each have unique personalities. Levi is one of the most outgoing sheep we have ever met - he loves human attention and runs over daily for scratches. Luna is confident and trustworthy; she has emerged as the leader of the flock. Lola is a bit more timid, but loves to be out to pasture with her friends and continues to learn that humans are good sources of treats and scratches. We are so happy they found their home at Farmaste!


Starr was scheduled to die – he made it as far as the slaughterhouse facility in Iowa. Once there, Starr and several other members of his herd managed to escape in an attempt to save their own lives. Unfortunately, the other members of his herd were eventually caught and returned.  But not Starr – he evaded his captures. Fairly quickly, the farmer wrote off his loss and the search ended.

Living on his own in a wooded area, Starr eventually found his way to a very kind family’s fenced back yard. Quickly realizing that he must have been one of the escapees, they decided to give him food and water until they could get him safely transferred to a farm sanctuary. Their kindness kept him returning to their yard. They first reached out to Iowa Farm Sanctuary, who were unable to take him, and reached out to Farmaste.  We are so pleased to be able to give this fighter a long, safe life.


Eva is a city sheep!  She lived in St Paul with her best sheep friend, grazing in the back yard and attracting many curious neighbors. Unfortunately, Eva's companion passed away suddenly, leaving her alone.  Her people were not in a position to get another sheep, but they knew that Eva would need a flock to lead a happy life. They had previously met Farmaste's founder while she tabling at J.Selby's, so when they needed a home for Eva they reached out to us. We were so happy to be able to welcome this adorable babydoll sheep into our flock!

Eva is a shy, but loving girl. She spends most of her time with her BFF Levi, although she desperately wants to fit in with the "cool kids" - flock leaders Luna and Starr and follows them around like a little sister

Please consider sponsoring one of our animals to cover the costs of their ongoing care.  Thank you

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