Charlotte & Phoebe

Charlotte & Phoebe are piglets born April 12, 2020. Slaughterhouses in our region have been closed due to COVID-19 outbreaks, leaving farmers with more pigs than they have space. One of those farmers who uses a closed plant surrendered two of his piglets to us. With fewer pigs being sent to slaughter and over 2,000 piglets born at his farm alone every week - there was an “oversupply,” leading to his willingness to surrender these two girls. We are grateful for his compassionate choice - he knows we are on different sides of animal agriculture issues and he chose kindness.

In addition to saving these two precious lives, we are excited that Charlotte and Phoebe will be at Farmaste for years to come serving as reminders of this time. The time when the inner workings of our food system that are usually invisible to the public became visible. The JBS plant alone slaughters 20,000 pigs per day during normal operations. We hope that Charlotte & Phoebe inspire compassion in many more in the years to come!

We are just getting to know Charlotte & Phoebe. So far we know that they love to nap, play, and root. They are little bundles of energy! So far, Phoebe seems a bit more outgoing while Charlotte is more reserved. We can't wait to continue to see their personalities emerge.

Welcome home girls - we love you already!


Jeka, Violet, & Ophelia

Jeka, Violet, & Ophelia – our three-year old Yorkshire Cross pigs – have been lucky in life.  Since birth, they have only known love & kindness from people. They were born and raised by an ASPCA foster home in Florida prior to coming to Farmaste.

Their mom’s start to life was not as happy.  She is a breeding sow who was rescued from the largest farm animal cruelty case in the Northeastern US. With the Westport Massachusetts Police Department, the ASPCA assisted with the rescue of over 1,000 farm animals from a 70-acre property.  The conditions from which she was rescued were deplorable – many of the animals were showing signs of neglect and had no access to food or water. Deceased animals were mixed in with living animals throughout the property. These girls’ mom was one of the survivors, and the ASPCA placed her in a foster home where shortly after her arrival she gave birth to a litter that included Jeka, Violet, and Ophelia.  You can see more about the rescue here.


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