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We were contacted by the South Saint Paul Police Department about another goat on the loose, and at their request got to work trying to locate and capture her. While we were trying to pinpoint her location, multiple people called to say they saw the goat we were looking for. However, the pictures didn’t match. This was yet another escapee! Having not yet spotted the original goat after weeks of trying, we turned our attention to rescuing this girl.

With the help of a neighbor whose yard this girl frequented and The Retrievers - an amazing nonprofit that helps find lost dogs - we developed a plan. It took about six weeks total, but eventually, Blossom was captured in the live trap set for her! Blossom held out to make an Independence Day statement - she was rescued on the 4th of July.


After a brief quarantine and health exam at the University of Minnesota, Blossom moved home to Farmaste. We have always found slaughter escapees to be particularly skittish and slow to warm to humans, but Blossom is more scared than any animal we have rescued. Fortunately, she is very interested in the other goats in the barn and we hope that becoming part of the herd will soon help her feel more secure.


Blossom came to us with two tags in her ear. A tag with her ID number, and the price tag from the slaughterhouse. To them, her life was worth $350. To us, she is priceless. Welcome home!

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