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Moolan & Ellie

Moolan made a surprise entrance to the world on January 6, 2018. This sweet Holstein calf is the baby of one of four heifers who we were unable to take as Farmaste residents because three out of the four tested positive for Johne’s Disease (a progressive digestive disease that leads to early death). No one knew that her mother (now named Ellie) was pregnant until she gave birth to this girl. When we received a call regarding a new calf born into a frozen pasture we knew we had to help.

Thankfully it was an uncomplicated birth, however Moolan’s introduction to the world was a difficult one. She was born into subzero temperatures and the other members of the herd prevented her mom from caring for her. Alone and cold, her caretakers decided to bring her inside, and when we arrived we recommended she be taken to the University of Minnesota for a check-up. After spending about two weeks at the University, she came home and is now a thriving Farmaste resident. Moolan is all teenager! She loves getting affection and attention most of the time, but also enjoys testing the limits frequently.

We were thrilled to be able to also welcome her mom, Ellie, to Farmaste (Ellie was the one heifer who tested negative for Johne’s). Ellie had been previously rescued from neglect at a sanctuary that wasn’t able to provide adequate care to their animals. At the time of her rescue, we thought it was best to keep her with her herd (they went to happily live out their lives at a horse boarding facility) – but once Moolan was born, we thought it was best for Ellie to come to Farmaste.  It makes us so happy to see this mother & daughter spend their days together – a pleasure that is usually denied to dairy cows.

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