Finding Our Forever Home

We are moving & need your help.

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At Farmaste Animal Sanctuary, providing a forever home for our residents is our primary goal. Our 72-acre farm is currently home to twenty-two farm animals and has served as home for twenty-five residents in our four years of existence. Many of farmaste’s residents have come from extreme situations of neglect and abuse. At Farmaste, they are treated as somebody, and not something, and we are committed to providing the care these animals need and deserve as they live out the rest of their lives treated with dignity and respect.

Founded in 2016, Farmaste’s current home in Lindstrom, MN was gifted to the organization to further our mission to improve the lives of all farm animals. Over the past three years, our volunteers have spent hundreds of hours building out pasture, weather-proofing buildings, and building additional facilities to ensure our residents are comfortable, happy, and most importantly safe. As we looked out on the pastures and saw our residents happily grazing, we were proud to call this land ours

2020 has been a year of volatility and crisis across the world. We are incredibly grateful for our supporters throughout this pandemic and economic turbulence, who have continued to make our dreams a reality. Sadly, in July 2020, Farmaste was notified by the land owners that their intentions had changed, and the organization would no longer be gifted the land as originally agreed upon. Rather, the owners intend to sell the land summer 2021. Farmaste was given the opportunity to purchase the property, but the price was well beyond what we could afford and would have threatened the long-term viability of the organization. Our Board of Directors has been working non-stop to ensure that our animals have the forever home they deserve and we are happy to let you know that considerable progress has been made. Farmaste will be moving to a new Minnesota property in 2021. We have secured a commercial loan for the purchase and have begun the search for our forever home. With this move, Farmaste’s property will be owned by the non-profit organization rather than an individual, finally giving our residents the security they deserve. But we can’t get there without your help

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The team at Farmaste is committed to doing the hard work of rebuilding at a new site – we will do whatever it takes to provide a home for our residents. We hope that you will help by supporting our Finding our Forever Home capital campaign. We need to raise $125,000 by February 15 for the loan down payment, preparations to the new property, and moving costs. Farmaste’s residents have beaten the odds more than once – and we know that with your support during this pivotal time in Farmaste’s history, they will do it once again. We will get through this together.

You can help by donating directly to our capital campaign today. 


If you want to make a larger gift, pledge now for a 2021 donation, or give a matching gift contact us at If you or someone you know has land to sell Farmaste (preferrably in Chisago or Washington County), please contact us at

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